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Again taking up the manufacture of handmade wooden clocks. But first I must apologize to everyone who wished to purchase a wooden clock Foliot and it has not been possible due to technical problems, reforms in the workshop and many more for which I had to postpone the production, I do not was possible to update the website. To all thank you very much.

Now, once reorganized the workshop, we can continue to the manufacture Foliot Clock No. 1.

For the newcomer, say that we are focused on making wooden clocks artisan foliot type, which is pursued retro rustic aesthetic and minimalist.

Wall clock swing (foliot) built in dark walnut wood, with wooden gears. It is inspired by the first watches mecánicos.Tamaño 50x25x15 cms. Total weight with the weight: 2.8 Kgs rustic wood finish.

Salvador Ruano

The mechanism of this watch wood is very simple, and most surprising is that we can get a nicer precision than we imagine. We assure you that will capture the attention of the visiting friends and relatives he never saw anything like it.

In the Middle Ages had not discovered the pendulum to measure time but there were times when the precision was not necessary today, so I only had an hour hand.

The beauty of this masterpiece "Timeless" will transport you to another time where the hours pass slowly.

Live is a clock, you will notice that it gets attention wherever you are.

Foliot Nº1

Such were the first antique clocks that could be installed outside the towers of the churches. This model is inspired manufacture those beginnings of mechanics applied to the measurement of time. The inventor of these watches is unknown, there are speculations that it was invented in Central Europe but other studies point to Spain at the time of Alfonso X "The Wise", leaving only the legacy of his intellect. This watch model is special because it represents the mechanical watch par excellence, are the fundamental keys of all subsequent mechanical watches, weights and energy storage device and escape potential to regulate so well dosed small portions of time, so as mechanical gears as a lever used to make a move very slowly and with greater force in another run and much less force in the exhaust.

 This watch is only the hour hand, why?, The reason is that this watch is constructed in honor of the same invention of the mechanical clock itself, so, besides being unnecessary, since the reader can approach the minutes with a reading error of 5 minutes, the needle position determines the minutes between meals, but only seasoned people can read it without prior training.

 What is the magic of this watch? The simplicity of its mechanism with all its parts to observe no secrets, I'm sure many of us look at broken clocks inside the mechanism and trying to understand how it moved, a small detail that leads to not understanding how a clock, that detail goes unnoticed by those who we fail to understand is that the movement is from the gear where the pulley is the weight to escape, it is difficult to understand at first, because we all see that the weight does not move, but moves in front of our eyes but it is a millimeter movement so that we feel like nonexistent, since that first gear is produced by the movement, and through the intermediate gears, eye movement becomes larger and less force but enough to reach the able to move the swing from side to side.

 Is it a watch live? Yes, this watch has its own life, I can seem exaggerated, but it is incredible that an inanimate object is being encouraged to turn themselves, encouraged and battery, as it takes its energy from the rope that he gives you as the food of their pet, is a delight its ticking sound, is a challenge to fine tune beginning to be punctual, but it does not have to worry because before shipping it sufficiently calibrated and rocker has some marks " Factory. "I want to apologize for speaking so passionately about the watch, but who speaks is the author of this decorative artifact.

Reloj de madera Foliot
Reloj de madera Foliot Nº1


Salvador Ruano Moreno

C/ Alcalde Ramón Dávila, 5

11178-Paterna de Rivera (Cádiz)



Precio total: 395 Euros